Cocon House

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Maison contemporaine en C
Maison contemporaine en C
Maison contemporaine en C
Maison contemporaine en C
Maison contemporaine en C
Façade vitrée dans un séjour
Façade vitrée dans un séjour
Escalier hélocoïdal
Cocon House
Cocon House

This architect house of 192 m² with a partial floor presents a layout in C in order to create a intimate cocoon for the swimming pool and the terrace but also to protect the living room from opposite. It consists of several wings:

- The central wing, high ceiling, accommodates the living room. Completely open on the terrace to the South and the swimming pool thanks to a very large bay window, it also benefits from a second opening to the West towards a sheltered terrace by one pergola vegetated. Open in the living room, but slightly out of step, the kitchen is positioned. It also has direct access to the terrace.

- To the west, is the wing intended for children : two rooms with cupboard and bathroom open on the terrace and the swimming pool.

- To the east, the upstairs volume houses on the ground floor the entrance (with cupboard and WC), the technical rooms (pantry, laundry room with direct access to the outside) and an office and upstairs the parental suite. The latter includes a bedroom, a bathroom, a dressing, a toilet and an office space / baby room and benefits from a bird's eye view of the swimming pool.

- A garage (2 places) and a pool-house complete the set.

the cocoon of the terrace opens slightly to the east thanks to a pergola linked to the pool house.

Tableau de surface Maison Cocon

Plan features

House in C

The C shape allows you to create a small cocon very respondent for the Terrace and to avoid being overlooked on the neighboring side, thus adapting very easily to a environment urban. It also protects from the winds.

Architect's house

An architectural plan combines functional and aesthetic while minimizing clearance surfaces. For the sake of acoustic, the sleeping area is very well separated from day corner, and the parental suite is itself well separated from the children's bedrooms.

Contemporary house

The architecture implements roof terraces wide overflow thus protecting Windows from overheated and glare. The association of wood siding, to composite cladding gray and white plaster brings an ultra aspect contemporary.

4 bedroom house plan

This house includes 4 bedrooms including 2 on the ground floor and 1 office which can possibly serve as an extra bedroom.

Partial storey house plan

Partial floor allows you to create volumes very interesting in architecture. the de-capped living room is the link between the wing of single storey and the wing at stage.

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