Cabre house

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Maison à demi niveaux sur terrain en pente
Maison à demi niveaux sur terrain en pente
Maison à demi niveaux sur terrain en pente
Maison à demi niveaux sur terrain en pente
Séjour lumineux à demi niveaux
Cuisine séparée par une verrière atelier
Cabre house

The Cabre house adapts to land average height difference. Indeed, it has:

- a main level in link with the garden including the entrance porch, the entrance, the living room, the kitchen closed by a canopy workshop, a juxtaposed cellar as well as two children's bedrooms with bathroom and toilet,

- a half level higher which is accessed by a few steps from the living room opening onto an office space then the master bedroom (bedroom, dressing room, bathroom and wc)

The interest of half-level architecture is to maintain access to the land from all rooms by avoiding unsightly slopes.

Cars can park under a shelter. It is also possible to extend the west wing by a closed storage room (as in the computer-generated images).

Tableau de surface Maison Cabre

Plan features

Compact form house

The form compact is economic ; it therefore makes it possible to obtain a more affordable ratio per m2.

Architect's house

One blueprint allie functional and aesthetic. The pantry is glued to the kitchen (and linked to the carport). The children's bedrooms are well separated from the parental suite.

House on sloping ground

The sloping land offer great architectural freedom / creativity. In addition, they often make it possible to offer views very interesting from home and lots of light. Adaptation to the terrain is done by creating 2 half-levels (offset).

3 bedroom house plan

This house includes 3 rooms and a mezzanine that can be used as an extra bedroom.

Single storey house plan - half levels

The houses of single storey are practice, functional and pleasant to live in. We never tire of it. To adapt to the terrain, the northern part of the house is raised by half a level.

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