Balma House

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Maison contemporaine intérieur extérieur
Maison contemporaine intérieur extérieur
Maison contemporaine intérieur extérieur
Maison contemporaine intérieur extérieur
Maison contemporaine intérieur extérieur
Maison contemporaine intérieur extérieur
Maison contemporaine intérieur extérieur
Séjour à charpente apparente
Séjour à charpente apparente
Balma House
Balma House

This contemporary architect-designed house of 215 m² is very pleasant thanks to her little ones green courtyards and its many intimate corners.

It is made up of two entities:
- In the northern part of the plot, an "urban facade" is dedicated to vehicle access and parking (garage for 2 cars, carport and traffic area)
From the entrance, you can see the facade of the two-storey house, which serves as privacy protection for the second part of the house and the exterior spaces. In the center of this facade, a porch shelters the entrance.
- The southern part accommodates the house. Oriented mainly to the South to take advantage of a beautiful light, it extends along a South-West / North-East axis, on one level to preserve the connection with the outdoors and nature in all rooms. To reinforce this feeling of "inside Outside", three patios come embedded in the construction.

The living room, at traditional exposed frame, is directly linked to the kitchen. The latter benefits from several bay windows one of which gives directly to the pergola bioclimatic (outdoor terrace with plancha) and access to the cellar. From the living room, you can access either the parental suite(bedroom, dressing room, bathroom and office), or in the guest bedroom. The master bedroom enjoys a direct access to the terrace.

The children's bedrooms are upstairs (with a bathroom).

This house, very pleasant to live in, seeks to make remove the interior exterior separation leaving the vegetation entering the house (green patios) et en allowing the floor to extend without breaking (same material and recessed threshold).


Tableau de surface Maison Balma

Plan features

Cut out house

The cut-out shape makes it possible to create unobstructed and very intimate views for all the rooms by inserting several open patios creating particular atmospheres. Natural light is very important.

Architect's house

Architect plan drastically reduces wasted spaces such as corridors and therefore saves living space or price. The only corridors created have an architectural interest (for example glass passage between two wings). All the rooms are bright.

Modernized traditional house

L'architecture traditional is here modernized by the very large windowsdressed by orientable solar shades and the insertion of green patios. Pitched roofs can also benefit from a frame with visible beams in the living room.

4 bedroom house plan

This house includes 4 bedrooms and an office which can be transformed into a 5th bedroom.

Partial storey house plan

The partial floor allows here to offer a high central volume, interesting in architecture to mark the main wing.


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