Aure House

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Maison d&
Maison d&
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Séjour dans maison d&
Aure House

This contemporary house from single storey of 157 m² of very elongated shape allows to offer a nice view and an natural light sufficient for living rooms and the majority of bedrooms, while touching the ground as little as possible.

It includes a smallintrance with cupboard and WC, one large living room of 50 m² with open kitchen (a storeroom serves as a direct link between the carport and the kitchen), a parental suite (bedroom, dressing and bathroom) well separated from children's space (three bedrooms with storage, a bathroom and a toilet). the stay is crossing (with large windows), many planters can decorate the facades.

Two terracesare located: One in the South for mid-season, one in the North for hot summer days. Both are directly related to the food and the stay.

The carport can park two cars and a closed storage space is provided for bicycles, mower, etc.

Tableau de surface Maison Aure

Plan features

Compact form house

The form compact is economic ; it therefore makes it possible to obtain a ratio per m2 more affordable. In addition, on sloping land, it can be a solution to not touch the ground by being established on the same contour line.

Architect's house

An architectural plan combines functional and aesthetic and allows to to delete or drastically reduce wasted spaces such as hallways and therefore to gain in living space or in price. Here, the children's rooms are far from the parental suite to leave the privacy necessary for everyone.

Contemporary house

The architecture implements roof terraces. headbands dressing en aluminum sheet also contributes to the ultra look contemporary.

4 bedroom house plan

This house includes 4 bedrooms including 1 in the parental suite

Single storey house plan

The houses of single storey are practice, functional and pleasant to live. We never tire of it. If the terrain lends itself to it, it's a choice to keep in mind!

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