Aude House

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Maison bioclimatique dans l&
Maison bioclimatique dans l&
Aude House

A wonderful holiday spirit emerges from this contemporary architect house of 120 m². To facade South entirely glazed allows you to remove the border between inside and outside. The Terrace is then a extension of the living room !

It includes a small entrance with storage and WC, a living room with open kitchen, a pantry (directly linked to the kitchen), a master suite directly linked to the terrace (bedroom, dressing room and bathroom with bathtub opening onto a corner window) and one floor dedicated to children(two bedrooms with storage, and a bathroom with wc).

It is possible to integrate a fireplace in the living room. All the bedrooms have a view of the garden to the south.

Tableau de surface Maison Aude

Plan features

Compact form house

The form compact is economic ; it therefore makes it possible to obtain a more affordable ratio per m2. Here it allows to fit into the slope.

Architect's house

Architect plan allie functional and aesthetic. The pantry is glued to the kitchen. The children's bedrooms are well separated from the parental suite.

House on sloping ground

The sloping land offer great architectural freedom / creativity. In addition, they often make it possible to offer views very interesting from home and lots of light. The adaptation to the ground is done by the integration of the low level in the slope (semi buried).

3 bedroom house plan

This house includes 3 rooms.

Two-story house plan

The two-story houses are friendly. They adapt perfectly to family life.

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