The parental suite

Very fashionable in recent years, the parental suite has reinvented and enhanced the space dedicated to parents.

Composed in general of the bedroom, from dressing and some Bathroom/ bathroom, it creates a real intimate studio.

To design it well, we must first examine the lifestyles. If people have schedule different, we will be able to prepare and dress without having to go back to the room so as not to wake up the sleeping one.


The bedroom, which has little or no storage, can be reduced to save m2. Depending on the size of the bed, 11 to 13 m2 may be sufficient. If it is next to the water feature, it will be necessary to ensure sound insulation.

The bedhead can be worked in placo (effect alcove, niches) or in wood (shelves, decorative cleat headboard, etc.). Without being very expensive, it will give a very decorative side to the room.

The dressing room

the dressing generally includes storage panels paralle lor storage organized in U. Depending on everyone's needs, we can estimate the size of this room between 5m2 and 15m2. If you plan to dress in this room it is important to have natural light(this also reduces the need for lighting in the house). If the walk-in closet is used as a passage (the bedroom is accessed through the walk-in closet, for example), it is preferable to have doors; on the other hand, if it is a well-defined room, the shelves can remain open (it is moreover more practical in use).

Brands like Ikéa make it possible to design an inexpensive dressing room (around 900 euros). The creation of a custom-made walk-in closet from wooden planks may be less expensive for do-it-yourselfers. The tailor-made dressing room will be the solution for higher budgets.

The powder room / bathroom

The Bathroom/ bathroom most of the time includes a shower, one or two basins and can be accompanied by a bathtub, a storage and / or a toilet. This space measures between 4 and 12m2. It is important to provide a window for ventilation and natural light. If this is not possible, the VMC will take care of the ventilation. The shower is separated from the room by a glass wall (clarity ++ but maintenance !!) or by a partition clad in earthenware. Today there are XXL earthenware formats that considerably limit the number of joints in the shower (just like the extra-flat built-in trays). Storage seems important to me so as not to overload the washbasin. If there is not enough space, towels can be stored in the dressing room.

L 'lighting of the suite depends on its users but it is generally necessary to provide significant lighting (spotlights) in the dressing room and the bathroom, and more cozy lighting in the bedroom. Reading lights built into the headboard or hanging down from the ceiling next to the bed are perfect for reading.

Parental suite partitioned or open?

Parental suite partitioned or opened? The absence of partitioning allows to obtain a feeling of space, of light. The walk-in closet can, for example, be positioned behind the headboard with a passage on both sides. So the space is open but we have no direct view of the clothes. Opening the water feature is another step. Indeed, it is necessary to accept to have a little humidity in the room. Positioning a workshop window may be the alternative (be careful because you are depriving yourself of the privacy often required in bathrooms).

Position of the parental suite

The position of the parental suite ? A question is often asked to us, we must group the rooms from home or to separate (eg parents on one side and children on the other). The answer to this question often depends on the age of the children living in the house, if there are any. Parents of small children will often like to keep them close. On the contrary, parents of teens will want to keep them away so that everyone has their privacy. If sometimes this separation is not possible because of the configuration of the land, we recommend it when it is the case because it allows to gain precious square meters of corridor!

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