The shape of the house

L-shaped house, house in C, U-shaped house... these names are everywhere now and are often the first criterion given for the choice of the house. Let's go back in detail to all house shapes:

Compact house

Most economic, it is characterized by a rectangular shape(or square). It generally implies having a South orientation for the living room (or a double orientation) and the South North bedrooms for example. It is the fact of limiting the angles at the level of the walls and the roof which considerably reduces the cost. We therefore obtain a ratio per m2 more affordable than on the other shapes. When it is upstairs, it may appear massive, so we may possibly provide a pergola to break the height of the volume.

L-shaped house

Highly in demand at the moment, the L-shaped houseallows you to create a small protection on one side to protect yourself from a vis-à-vis and / or the wind while remaining sufficiently open to keep a open view and a contribution of natural light important. The roof can be flat or sloping (tiles, zinc, slates). As the shape is kept simple, the build ratio per m2 will be slightly higher than in the compact form but lower compared to the following forms.

When it is upstairs, if possible, the partial floor to avoid obtaining too massive a volume.

C-house / U-house

These two forms, very similar, allow to create a intimate cocoon for the outdoor terrace and the pool, limiting the views of neighbors and the wind. This shape also makes it possible to create shadowon the terrace at several times of the day, sometimes protected by the east wing, sometimes by the west wing.

It also involves giving views between certain rooms in the house. The U or C should be wide enough to let light in

It can also be declined with a stage. We will also advise to plan it partial to limit the massiveness.


The T-shape makes it possible to create several different views and orientations according to the wings of the house, also avoiding the opposite between rooms. Natural light is thus sufficient and privacy is protected.

Cut out house

Surely the most personalized to a project and to a site, it makes it possible to adapt to a environment (by keeping trees existing), to work on views and the orientation from each room (towards a part of the garden, for example the bedrooms towards an intimate wooded garden, the kitchen towards the swimming pool, the office towards the North view ...).

The cut shape allows you to create views and atmospheres separate for the different parts of the house by avoiding vis-à-vis between rooms. the link to the garden is very strong and significant natural light.

House with patios

the patio is a very respondent and protected (wind and prying eyes). It also allows you to leave the vegetation or at least the outdoor light enter the heart of the house. There may be more than one in a house. They can be completely closed, or partially (open on one side), in which case they serve as vegetated faults.

Ground floor house

The single storey houses are practice, functional and pleasant to live. We never tire of it. If the land lends itself to it (surface area, footprint, building limit), it is a choice to keep in mind! There is no no real difference between the price of a ground floor house and that of a storey house, except in the case of deep foundations or the two-story house will be preferred. We will be able to obtain volume by increasing the ceiling height stay for example or by implementing a exposed frame(uncapped).

Two-storey / part-storey house

The multi-storey houses are friendly. They adapt perfectly to the life of family. A void on the living room creates a strong link between the two levels while offering a very beautiful volume to stay.

L' partial floor can offer a high central volume, interesting in architecture to mark the main wing and giving the living room a double height under ceiling (with visible beams on behalf of).

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